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Resources Crying Valve! How painful is that?

Sadiq Raza Misbahi

Muslims have deposited Rs 300,000 crore in interest in Indian banks but are not ready to accept it.

Lack of resource scarcity is a great news for our nation's elite, worried about not solving the problems at the base. This is news that should be taken seriously and the map set out, then the Muslims of the country will be enslaved and they will not have to beg for their rights from the governments and they will not have to resort to resources. It is reported that Delhi Minority Commission Chairman, Mr Safdar Hussain Khan has quoted a Reserve Bank of India report saying that the interest of millions of Muslims is deposited in various banks of the country and they are ready to take it. Since this money is available to the Muslims as an interest from their money deposited in banks, and from a shady point of view, it is essentially interest, so Muslims are not willing to take it and neither are they entitled to it. This is such a large amount of money if we are conscious. Being aware, committed and confident, many important projects on our nation can be very important and wonderful and we can pass many exams. Prominent economist Professor Tahir Beg of the country says that if the Muslims do not use this money, anti-Muslim organizations will be cleared of these funds with some kind of money and then the money will be used against us. Start the task by setting up a map.

Interest is undoubtedly a strict prohibition in our Shariah, but is the ruling on every interest the same? And if the interest is undoubtedly unacceptable, some sections of the academy have termed the interest paid by the banks as justification? Can it not be changed in the context of the above report while it is certain that this extreme risk will be used against us? In the past, did the context of the situation compel the scholars to act unilaterally and then to act unilaterally? There are numerous issues of our nation waiting to be solved. Our people frequently use the resources. Common resources or resources are lacking in every community and there is a problem. But most people work preferentially and invest money in meaningful tasks so they don't cry. In Muslims, the second and third tier are usually given more importance and the work that is most needed is seldom and sometimes overlooked because of their incompetence. There are many reasons behind this, not only because of our unanimity but also by Pharaoh. Are involved.

The news was briefly awakened that in the past, the sanctity of religious rulings is still in our community and she does not want to use forbidden money such as interest and does not want to feed her children. In my poor opinion we can put it into a constructive project without using it as our source. One thing to note in this regard is that it is strictly available from the Indian banks as it has been justified by some sections of scholars and there is no problem in using it. Apparently our scholars have given this decision as per requirement. So then the question is, do our Indian Muslims not understand this point and why are they spending their money? We, Indian Muslims, have deep roots in praise of Allah, we are not sinners, but religion is close to our vein and we are non-religious and "religious". Letting go of such a risk in the banks indicates our same religion, but even more so in our view of religion, it is our religion that understands the pressures of the situation to receive the money, not to use it for personal use and to devote it to the nation. For it, be confident in a solid, durable and everlasting work that guarantees our future, that builds confidence in us and gives us dignity.

It should be kept in mind that at present the BJP is in power and in many states, the BJP is in power and the Hindutva members in power are drunk all over the country. There is a potential for the BJP to remain in the center for many years now. It is very possible for this party and its accomplice to find and exploit the property of Muslims, but also hope that if we Muslims do it, But if you do not claim it, the money will fall into the hands of these people and then we will have no choice but to cough and cry. Think coldly about the writing of this tragedy written in the shadow of God-fearing and willingly, even if your money is not in the banks, entice people whose money is in the banks and those who are not claiming interest money. - We have very little time and in a short amount of time we have to make a big and wise decision. Be assured that our decision will be a major step forward for our national revival, just a sincere, compassionate, forward-looking and self-sacrificing condition. But if that really happens. , Will we wait for that money to open ?? My response is because we have determined that we will never do constructive work, we will surely complain of non-constructive work and the opposition will stand a storm of opposition on this point. Apparently the small ones do that, while the bigger ones are the smaller ones. Why not The sincerity of the young is not because the adults are empty of it. Yes, there are exceptions. However, let our elite take some practical steps in this direction, and they should constantly prepare their subordinates, devotees, patients and congregations to ensure that you do not waste your money for God and do not let it fall into the hands of others. So we are very afraid that we may not be caught in the Goddess tomorrow and we will not be guilty.

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