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Conduct of 'Association for Correction Statement' at the University of Syedna Ibn Abbas

Mambra (Mohammad Adnan) Jamia Syedna Ibn Abbas is a scholarly institute in the city of Mombra. The establishment of the university is derived from the Salaf Darul Uloom Deoband and Nadu-ul-Ulema. The educational purpose of the university is under the guidance of "Khuda Ma Safdou Ma Mdr.

" The University is an example of "Al-Qadim al-Nafa wa Al-Jadid al-Saleh" Similarly, every fifteen days in the university, a reformation is organized in the name of al-Bayean, which aims to prepare people who can dispel the differences between the Muslims, preach the truth of Islam, sacrifice themselves for the Word of Allah, Try to meet the needs of the times. The association reform statement has been postponed due to close examination after 6 months of continuous struggle. The last link of the association was held on Thursday, October 17, after which the students performed their prayers, praying to Almighty Allah. May Allah accept the efforts of the university

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